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$GOGO multibaggers hold update ~

$GOGO made a strong move to the upside from low 10s to high 10s and now the stock is basing and waiting till the low 10s holders stop selling or taking a profit. As u can see there isnt a lot of people selling at these level, Huge Vol to the upside but no Vol on the way down, I believe volume already dried out, RSI staying near powerzone level. If a lot of people believe this still underpriced, GOGO could run for another 10 or 20 points from here before basing again. This stock dominate 82% of market shares which is Huge and there is no doubt GOGO is the leader in this industry. Its only a matter of time before GOGO start running up again.


MultiBaggers Play $GOGO Chart

I really like $GOGO and I am very bullish. $GOGO is making initial rally and who knows when is this going to pullback, it might be tomorrow or next week or next month but for sure I know I will keep buying this one pullback. Initial rally has to happen before HUGE rally like $TSLA $YELP $YY $Z $LNKD $NFLX it takes time and if u believe $GOGO has huge potential to the upside. DO NOT put ur stop loss order and buy Protective puts instead. Well yea u spend more money for PROTECTING UR ACCOUNT but it wont stop u out. u can let this one run well that how i play it.

And as u know lately IPOs Plays are REALLY HOT and $GOGO is one of the company with huge catalyst in less than a year! anything could happen. Yes $GOGO might drop back to single digit if it doesnt get approval from FAA or not. Dont try to predict anything in stocks market anything could happen. it could run to 100+ or drop to 1 so pick ur side

sc (2)



$USDJPY 1Hr Chart

$USD/JPY Chart Bu Bat completed, first target 97.37 second is 98.99 if USDJPY break above 98.99 and holding above it could test 101.60.

usdjpy 1hr

$SPY Update 1 HR chart

$SPY 1HR chart updated, be butterfly completed and price reversed now forming bu butterfly or Bu crab which is 167.39 and 166.42


spy 1 hr

Lichartin’s Watchlist for Monday 02/11/2013

Here we go I dont usually do this and show my watchlist to people before I get in but here u go my watchlist for monday ~

PS: I am holding MOS NKE ETN OXY BTU

$BTU very tight tight pattern and BTU got hammer candle on friday, This one is ready to go IMO


$AIG nice bull flag formed, a lot of insurance stocks already spiked and hit new highs. AIG will follow


$CMG preparing for another move to 335-360 IMO.


$VMW cloud stocks, looks like this wanna pop or bounce but it stuck at 79 magnet, no matter where it goes always back to 79. I am going to buy VMW on flush out, I believe flush out will occur before the strong bounce occur


$CMI broke up then pullback, this is the perfect set up for me. I like to get involve while the chart IS setting up NOT already SET UP.


$OXY another text book bull flag, I like the price action and Oil play. I think big money is in Oil now


$GPS bottom play

I got in GPS jan 31 C at .62, This is not “HPS” set up YET and I am not as bullish as I was in Deck but I like the R/R here. Need to hold above 30 my MAX PAIN at 29.30