Monthly Archives: February 2013

$DE Bottom play

I am long $DEĀ 92.50 March .72, Not sure If i get the timing right but my timing off lately



$XOM Bottom Play

I am long XOM 90 March C at .66, this is HPS play Max pain at 87.45


Lichartin’s Watchlist for Monday 02/11/2013

Here we go I dont usually do this and show my watchlist to people before I get in but here u go my watchlist for monday ~

PS: I am holding MOS NKE ETN OXY BTU

$BTU very tight tight pattern and BTU got hammer candle on friday, This one is ready to go IMO


$AIG nice bull flag formed, a lot of insurance stocks already spiked and hit new highs. AIG will follow


$CMG preparing for another move to 335-360 IMO.


$VMW cloud stocks, looks like this wanna pop or bounce but it stuck at 79 magnet, no matter where it goes always back to 79. I am going to buy VMW on flush out, I believe flush out will occur before the strong bounce occur


$CMI broke up then pullback, this is the perfect set up for me. I like to get involve while the chart IS setting up NOT already SET UP.


$OXY another text book bull flag, I like the price action and Oil play. I think big money is in Oil now


$BTU Bottom Play ~

I am long march 25 Calls at .61, there is still downside till 23.15 but my max pain is 22.85 So i will add if BTU breakdown and hold above 23.10

I think COAL will make a move to the upside this year


$ETN Earnings Momentum play ~

$ETN I am long heavy in 62.50 March Calls .30 This is Earnings momentum play, risky but huge rewards.

Up big yesterday on Huge Vol and now consolidating on low Vol. I like the R/R here


Position update ~

I am long VRSN 44 Feb Calls, I am still watching few stocks to play. big money in OIL, REFINERS play