Monthly Archives: January 2013

$SINA tight pullback set up ~

I am Long SINA 60 Feb C at .98, this could go either way, I am betting this to go up ~



$SPY update

Market at resistance 149-152 according to my chart, I am betting a healthy pullback is coming for few days or at least till next wednesday or thursday. I will not buy at this level. its too risky and not worth it at all.

I am loading TZA 12 Feb C and got average at .21 now. If market drop I think this is the best way to play the pullback. Good luck guys

$IACI Bottom Play

I am long $IACI 45 FEBĀ at .49 still risky need to hold LOD and maxpain 41. This is HPS but riskier than usual



$ANR Bottom play

I am Long $ANR 10 Feb at .31 and 9 Feb at .74, I only got partial order the rest still on the bid. This is HPS play max pain 8.70


$DNKN Pullback play!

$DNKN started position 35FEB C .70 and .75, great news this morning might start something new here.


$PSX Bottom play

My new HPS play PSX I am long 55 FEB at .55, MAX PAIN AT 49.00