Monthly Archives: December 2012

$VZ Bottom play

$VZ this is HPS play i am long 43 C at .45 half of my regular size, I am not sure if we can reach a deal today, and we are trading under 200ema so still a lot of RISK!


Wait and sit back

I just sold my GPS Call and I am not going to trade today, too much Risk on the table, Good luck guys

$GPS bottom play

I got in GPS jan 31 C at .62, This is not “HPS” set up YET and I am not as bullish as I was in Deck but I like the R/R here. Need to hold above 30 my MAX PAIN at 29.30


DECK Bottom play ~

$DECK ~ I AM callin bottom on DECK BUT if DECK break 33 support (MAX PAIN at 32.50) then I will wait and let it set up again. DECK 40 Jan 13 Calls price .90×1.00 as of today but I think we can get it lower than that on monday. I will post if I get in DECK on monday or wednesday.

ENJOY ur weekend ~


FFIV Chart

FFIV Chart, put this on ur radar, could be multiple day runner ~!



Option and Futures

From tomorrow on I will change my style back to option trading and futures, I make more money that way. I will post my option trade, it could be few minutes or few days but I wont post my futures trade because I am scalping futures only. For option I will put 500 dollars for every trade so U can see how much money I make and I lose. Maybe I will increase my size if the market in strong uptrend.