Monthly Archives: November 2012

Current holding update ~

my holdings ~

SLV Long 32.26
KKD Long 9.11
YELP long 20.53
COCO long 2.30

Lichartin’s scan for thursday 11/29/12 ~

Tomorrow going to be busy day. Still holding $SLV and $KKD, missed GRPN I was going to grab some at 4 but I had to go. O well

$KKD I added more at 9.03 and got average down to 9.11, KKD have been holding up pretty well even on bad market. I expect this to rally hard in short term

$GRPN nice breakout play, key entry was at low 4 if tomorrow morning dip to low 4. this might rally to 6 IMO

$YELP need to break 20.50 on huge volume for 1-3 Dollars rally ~

$FB has more room to go! 26.50 break is the key

$FSLR had hard time to break above 28, Tomorrow FSLR need to break above it or else FSLR need to pullback and consolidation before break 28.

$YY today is second day rally, another one tomorrow?

Lichartin’s Scan for Tuesday 11/27/2012 ~

Great day today overall, just so u know, I am a short term trader, my play usually for 1-14 days hold. mostly 1-5 days play.

$NTE I am still holding this for higher price, but I might take some off tomorrow if we gap up then buy back on morning dip ~

$KKD my best second momentum play!! I am very bullish in this one. Got a starter today at 9.24

$COCO Cheap stock for great bottom play.

$WNC need to hold today low which is 7.90, I will try to get involve near today low tomorrow or wednesday.

$ODP Got in this one too today at 3.04, max pain at 2.80 swing for 1-3 weeks if possible.

$FSLR Nice Volume today. long set up if break above 26 on volume but its hard so I dont expect much from this.

Lichartin’s scan for Monday 11/26/2012 (Small Cap)

My scan for monday pretty much the same from last week and few lottos swing play ~

$NTE still holding this one for swing play, volume starting to pick up as long as NTE holding above support 14.00-14.10 max pain at 12.80-13.00, NTE had a huge history, this could rally more.

$KKD Earning winner, still waiting for entry at low 9s or 8.50 OR if KKD break above 9.50 play it! this could run.

$SRPT as long as trading above 27.80-28 I think SRPT will test 31-32, great momentum play

$ODP Great chart for long set up, very tight tight pattern here

$COCO I like this for Bottom play, possible 30-50% swing play on the upside

$ROSG Great Action on friday, not sure if the rally will continue but worth to buy on the dip. Risk VS Reward IMO

$WNC Pop and consolidation then POP?? one of my favorite long set up. still looking for entry on this one. put this on ur radar

$YMI Biotech stock, key catalyst on Dec 9th for Phase I/II Study of CYT387 PLUS double bottom on daily chart so YMI might run before Dec 9. (Lotto play)

$SPX Chart ~

SPX testing 50MA, I am expecting few days consolidation at these level before break SPX 50MA, SPX need to get more bears then SQUEEZE them to push market higher! Overall Market is still in short term downtrend but turning bullish. wait for better entry for long swing ~

SLV Daily Chart ~

Silver chart getting better, expecting to break recent highs and break above 40 short term IMO